St. Luke's exterior

St. Luke’s United Church of Christ

We’re A Small Church
St. Luke’s United Church of Christ is a small congregation that strives to know God’s will for us in a complicated world. We know each other and care about each other. And we care about those beyond our church family—our next door neighbors and our neighbors around the world—who face challenges in their lives.
With Diverse Stories
We come from a variety of religious traditions—and no religious background at all. Whether younger or older, we recognize that spiritual nurture is important to our life journeys. As we share and respond to each other’s spiritual needs, each of us grows in our own way as well. For oldsters, youngsters and in-between-sters, St. Luke’s is a safe place to explore how God is meaningful in each of our lives.
And Diverse Interests
We encourage people to use their talents in ways that are meaningful to them. When people are interested in launching an activity or ministry, we help them ‘go for it.’ These range from creating personal hygiene kits for disaster victims around the world to providing creative activities for children’s spiritual nurture to exploring ideas in a study group to . . .
Sharing a Common Commitment
At St. Luke’s we meet God through worship, prayer, study, fellowship and service. All these lead us to practice Jesus’ commandment, “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; and your neighbor as yourself.”